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typo3 – enable admin panel in preview mode for non-admin users / groups

Typo3 offers a nice feature to edit content elements of a page directly in the preview mode – but this functionality is only available for admins per default. In my projects, it’s important for all users to have this feature. As so many tasks in typo3, it is not very obvious how to enable it – so here is a (very short) tutorial, how it works to add it for backend-groups.

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dotnetnuke custom module development

Recently, i started working on a project using the ASP.NET based portal framework dotnetnuke. My part is mainly the development of custom modules. Although the framework’s architecture makes it easy to extend the functionality, the available documentation is far from being complete. Finding necessary hints and tipps in discussion boards and blogs, i’ll try to do my part offering useful tipps for developers.

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