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Internet Explorer 6 Death March

The Internet Explorer 6 is a “no-go” for web-programmers (especially the html / css – geeks) – poor implementation of W3C – Standards and horrible javascript support causes heavy troubles on modern web-frontends. But now there is something going on:, Norway ’s largest classifieds-site, is displaying a tip on their homepage to all IE6 users, encouraging them to upgrade their browser. Not only so, but they have initiated a campaign, prompting several of the most visited Norwegian sites to follow suit. Dave Auayan started the “Internet Explorer 6 Death March”, which should be supported by every web-professional – maybe one day there will be no necessity to do any “cross-browser-scripting”.

Get Latitude and Longitude from Google Maps

Google Maps do not display latitude and longitude values, but there is an easy trick to get these numbers. This technique will provide the latitude and longitude coordinates of the center of the map displayed by Google Maps.

Looking up an address in Google Maps will center the map on that address if it was found. Because this trick provides the latitude and longitude of the center of the map, moving the map around manually after that will change the center position and this technique will not work accurately.

When the location you want is in the center of the map, copy and paste this code into the location bar of your browser and press enter:


A dialog box will appear, containing the coordinates of the given center of the map!

Search your adress in Google Maps – when found, right click on the displayed pointer – select “center map here” to center the map to this given point.