typo3 – enable admin panel in preview mode for non-admin users / groups

Typo3 offers a nice feature to edit content elements of a page directly in the preview mode – but this functionality is only available for admins per default. In my projects, it’s important for all users to have this feature. As so many tasks in typo3, it is not very obvious how to enable it – so here is a (very short) tutorial, how it works to add it for backend-groups.

First step – default template

In the default template (which is typically the site’s root), you have to enable the admin panel, which is done by the following command in the typoscript- setup:

config.admPanel = 1

Second step – enable and configure the panel for the usergroup

Switch to the user admin, select a user, who is a member of the group to which you want to add the feature, select the assigned group and press the “edit” symbol. The configuration dialogue for the user group pops up – now select the “options” tab and enter the following typoscript:

admPanel {
enable.all = 1
enable.edit = 1
module.edit.forceNoPopup = 0
module.edit.forceDisplayFieldIcons = 1
module.edit.displayIcons = 1
module.edit.forceDisplayIcons = 1
enable.cache = 1
enable.preview = 1
enable.publish = 1
enable.tsdebug = 1
enable.info = 1
hide = 0

This is just an example setting, please refer to the typoscript reference for a complete list of options. After saving, you can switch to an user who is a member of the group, select a page in preview mode – voila  – now you should see a panel where you can move, edit, hide and delete content elements.
If you do not use groups, you can simply set the above typoscript to a single user – but using groups always makes sense.

I hope this saves some time for someone who runs into a similar issue. Thankyou, Rüdiger!

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